Achieve Best Body Type

The Adonis Golden Ratio workout is known as the exercise and nutrition program that can help the users to achieve body of the Adonis love to follow natural genetic styles inherent in DNA of each person. By using DNA as basis of person’s exercise & nutrition program, somebody who’s following Adonis Golden Ratio system will have the customized plan made particularly to help them to burn fat as well as build muscle as quick as possible. The program is developed by Kyle Leon and John Barban.

What exactly is Adonis ? The Greek mythology says Adonis as a god of desire and beauty. It’s said he has the body with the perfect proportion and symmetry that any woman will want & any man will be envious of, called as ‘Adonis effect’. With the modern science, the symmetry and proportion are calculated as the measurement of size of the man’s shoulders to waist. Thus, Adonis Index is the ratio, which describes male body aesthetically perfect. Thus, how one may achieve this and benefit? Let us find out in the review. The Adonis Golden Ratio system, developed by Kyle Leon and John Barban, is the 12week of program made to lose fat & gain muscle. In words, program to help the men to achieve the perfectly proportional body and Kyle Leon and John Barban are leaders in the fitness programs, which cover muscle building, nutrition, as well as supplementation. After certain extensive research that they launched the latest fitness program made designed to give the men most attractive & most desirable shape of body.

The men’s Health magazine also calls the program as the ‘Perfect Body Formula’. And Kyle is the respected and well known nutritionist and author of many weight loss & muscle building programs at the market place. Adonis Golden Ratio is made for all ages & fitness levels. The Adonis Golden Ratio workout is a first program, which claims to utilize secret behind DNA of the man in attempt to achieve the perfectly proportioned body as well as sculpted in 90 days. Besides physical exercise, the program as well includes:

  1. Advanced lessons in the video format where you will taught doing exercises perfectly
  2. Complete guide discusses on how one will achieve good results just by taking the right supplements at a right time.
  3. The nutrition guide that can provide own nutritional plan that is based on results of the software analysis

Thus, it is the complete program covers exercise and nutrition. This comprehensive exercise with routines & reps set out very clearly for you. Exercise and workouts are very challenging & have enough of variation that will keep you motivated and interested. This program as well shows you certain exercises to avoid. Nutrition plan may customizes the meal plan that will based on your Adonis Index. Software tracks all the changes in weight and physique, as well as monitor to generate the new workout plan when user gets through a week.